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Who You Were Yesterday

Who You Were Yesterday follows the journey of four young people as they uproot their lives and move from Dzaleka Refugee Camp to Canada for post-secondary education. In the first half of the film, the young students are preparing for what their new lives might look like and managing expectations for what is to come. On the other side of the world, their sponsors are preparing for their arrival with a mixture of excitement and nerves.

As the film progresses, the students arrive in their new home as permanent residents of Canada, and start to face the realities that this opportunity brings. The unique stories of Tamasha, Blaise, Anicet, and Elisa are portrayed in this documentary that seeks to inspire and move young Canadians to get involved with WUSC’s Student Refugee Program.

To find out more about WUSC and the SRP, please visit:

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Message from the Director

My inspiration for this film came from my involvement in my WUSC Local Committee when I was a student at York University. I wanted to tell a story of two sides to show the impact the program has, not only on the students coming to Canada, but also those who are already here and getting involved in refugee rights and international development. 

I am pleased to be able to share the film online for free, and encourage you to share with your communities. If you are interested in having me attend a screening, please contact me.

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